There are many suppliers,
but the reliable one is Agrocourse!
island of safety
in a world of agricultural activities
Agrocourse was founded in June 2010. Since then, we have served more than 73,000 farmers across the country.
Our company supplies precision equipment and autopilots for tractors, as well as nozzles and components for all types of field work.
In addition, we perform service and repairs of any complexity.
Agrokurs selects the best for Russian farmers, and will pick it up for you!
Navigators for parallel driving, hydraulic autopilots, creation of "electronic fields", air conditioners, fuel and transport location control, GPS collars for animals, video surveillance of any objects.
Rich assortment
Federal support: participation in the federal media, in state programmes for the development of Russian agriculture, cooperation with Rosselkhozbank, namely assistance in issuing loans for the purchase of any of our goods; international status of the company.
Every year our company has a programme called "customer favourite". We appreciate the fact that you choose our company and thank you for it. Gifts, rewards and your personal manager are what you get when you work with us!
Love for customers
If you are already a user of modern agricultural technologies, we will keep all your equipment in working condition: update software, repair anything that is broken, tune to new satellites, replace parts.
Comprehensive service
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Here you will find a product or service for any request!
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13 years of successful work
and more than 73,000 satisfied customers
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