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Hydraulic auto steering systems and assisted steering interfaces
(fully automated tractor control)
Ground base stations
for maintaining high accuracy of satellite signals
Fuel rate and vehicle location control
Electronic field mapping
- enables you to fully control and manage all field applications as it is based on reliable and precise data: fields acreage, roads length, fields info, etc. ;
- assists you to better analyze conditions affecting plants growth at the given area (or even within the plots of 100x100 meters or 10x10 meters!);
- serves to optimize production for obtaining max profits as well as to efficiently use all resources

Everyday practice shows that quite often the real acreage differs from stated or shown in registration documents. The reason for it is quite multiple, namely: obsolescence of the latest measurements, soil erosion, forest belt expansion, farmers inaccuracy during land cultivation, etc. The actual need for creation and update of electronic maps has no longer surprised anybody with the question "What's this for?" , because even if there are some field maps in a household, they might be either Whatman papered or outdated.
CROPIO - Remote monitoring of agricultural land
Cropio is a productivity management system that facilitates remote monitoring of agricultural land and enables its users to efficiently store, forecast and plan agricultural operations. The system allows you to manage crops vegetation, nutrient content and soil moisture ; to obtain precise weather forecast and price dynamics as well as alerts on substantial changes in the fields. Cropio perfectly fits for monitoring of all grain, oilseed and tilled crops.
Order full price-list
Order full price-list
Introduction results
Without navigation
Reseeding and
insufficient planting
Long and inaccurate
Irrational spending
Credits and debts
Sleeping problems
With navigation
Accuracy in each row
Quick and in any weather
Precise profit
Financial freedom
Perfect health
Introduction results in numbers
Crop - spring wheat
Cost of grain per kilo = 15 RUB
Field area = 1000 hectares
Implement swath width = 18 m
Seeding rate (kg per hectare) = 230 kg
Without navigation
Field area Error (the row re-planting ) Overspend calculation
in kilos
Overspend for field area in roubles
1 000 50 6 350 kg 95 250 RUB
Using Raven Cruiser II guidance system and Raven Smart Trax hydraulic assisted steering system with free GPS signal installed on an imported tractor
Field area Error (the row re-planting ) Overspend calculation
in kilos
Overspend for field area in roubles
1 000 15 1 900 kg 28 500 RUB
The result: You save 66,750 RUR
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Calculate your savings using navigation
Why choose us
Why choose us
Wide range of products
Wide range of products: navigators for field guidance, hydraulic-assisted steering system, electronic field mapping, air conditioners, fuel consumption and machinery location controls, GPS collars for animals, video monitoring of any objects.
Federal support: participation in federal mass media, in government programmes of Russian agriculture development , cooperation with "Rosselkhozbank" to assist a customer in credit issuing to purchase any of our products; international status of the company.
Full package service
Once you are a modern agro technologies user, we support all your equipment in working condition, update your software, fix everything what is broken, attune to the new satellites, replace items.
Great experience
We have an extensive experience in cooperation with agricultural producers of Russia and the CIS countries. We know all about modern technologies to increase profits from agriculture.
Payment on credit
We realize that agriculture is a responsible , noble, but not very permanent activity. So we offer you any convenient method of payment: credit line (credit card issuing to purchase goods), deposit, installment payment and post-payment.
We love our customers
Every year our company runs a "favorite customer" programme. We appreciate you choosing our company and thank you for that. Gifts, awards and your personal manager are what you get working with us!
Do you want to become the best agricultural company in your region?
Do you want to collect rich harvest every year?
Do you want to live without loans?
Do you want to get more profit?
Do you want to keep healthy?
We will help you to solve these problems!
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Maxim V. Trufanov Viko LLC Deputy Director
Anton A.Nemkov, Head of Private Farm
Alexander D. Shtro Stretinskoye LLC Director
B.V. Avilov on Telematics Leader Corporation
Maxim V. Trufanov Viko LLC Deputy Director
We would like to thank Telematics Leader Corporation for their timely assistance in navigation mounting which helped us to spread fertilizers. We managed to save more and not waste resources and time. Our 11,000 hectares make more profit by 10% now.
Anton A.Nemkov, Head of Private Farm
Summing up the year results, I realized that exact navigation is able to handle overspending of fuel, chemicals, possible reseeding or insufficient planting. But which terminal to buy? The Telematics specialists explained the differences in manufacturers and models. Now I have made my choice confidently.
Alexander D. Shtro Stretinskoye LLC Director
I am very grateful to Telematics Leader employees for their quick and high quality job. It is always a pleasure to deal with such responsible supplies what is quite rare nowadays.
B.V. Avilov on Telematics Leader Corporation
Our farm got acquainted with Telematics Leader company in 2013. We were offered Outback S-lite guidance system. We were pleasantly surprised by the company's deal to buy the system in installments: 50% downpayment, 50% in a month.
Such confidence in us is very valuable. We quickly received the system by mail; later the manager called us many times to find out how the system was working. We grow potato and vegetables in open ground. This business requires precision farming in fertilizer and pest management application. We inherited the land with such topography and contour that can only be compared to a mountainous terrain, though it is the Smolensk region of Russia. With pass length of 200-300 meters, we had to place up to 3 markers to be on track and nevertheless, we could not achieve the needed accuracy. Outback S-lite has solved all the problems at once. Now neither bumps or hollows nor a complex field boundary could interfere the process of doing the job neatly and precisely. To use the device is intuitively-easy, there is a menu in Russian. During the night my son mounted the antenna and routed cable on the tractor, so in the morning we started working. I cannot say I am an e-genius or ace but it feels comfortable to work with Outback S-lite and not to be distracted from the job.
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